Rating Criteria

Please remember the rating system isn’t scientific and some parts outweigh others in terms of importance. Some porn sites will have some great features and will be weak in other sections, for every porn review we try to let the surfers know the strong parts and weak parts of the porn site. Every site is different!

We rate porn paysites using the following criteria.

1. Unique Content – Can you see these pictures or videos anywhere else on the web? Or is this the same old porn movie you’ve seen on other websites. Porn sites that feature unique and exclusive content will rate high in this area.

2. Updates – How often is the porn website updated? Daily, Weekly, Monthly. This is very important… unless you have a huge database of exclusive content updates are critical. Things need to be fresh for people to come back and renew their membership.

3. Content Quality and Quantity – How good is the content… High resolution videos? full screen pictures.. and is there enough to satisfy!

4. Design and Navigation – Pleasing to the eye? Easy to find your way around..? broken links? its not 1999 anymore so that site better be professionally designed and compatible with all browsers.

5. Speed – How fast is the site loading?? Is that video streaming properly… these days porn sites need to be hosted on fast servers with the current demand.

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